Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an intrinsically stimulating and self-directed Montessori education to the children, in a compassionate and caring environment, where they can reach their fullest potential as learners and caring individuals of society; where our teachers see the distinctive abilities of each child and appreciate the same; where our parents are a part of this holistic educational experience that shapes their children into lifelong learners and responsible members of the global community.


We began our journey in the fall of 2010 as we opened the doors of the Curious Minds Montessori school, to our then three year old son and the community of Clarence in Western NY. We are true believers of Montessori and are passionate advocates of this truly amazing child-centric way of life and learning. As a Montessori teacher myself, I could never imagine sending our children anywhere but a Montessori school.

The importance Montessori places on social values of kindness, peace, responsibility, and respect; on personal values of independence, integrity, and confidence; on work ethics such as intrinsic motivation, perseverance, and intellectual stimulation, is like a beautifully coordinated orchestra that supports and challenges a child like no other environment.

As a school that only started out with the primary program in WNY, we have then grown to include the Toddler and Lower Elementary Montessori programs.

In September 2016, our journey continues in the communities of Chantilly/South Riding/Aldie/Stoneridge. As history repeats itself, the first student of our school will be our three year old daughter. We are grateful for all the opportunities we have had and will continue to have, to offer a true Montessori education and help to forge the future of these lifelong learners.