Our Montessori curriculum is structured as a series of lessons, created with care to meet the developmental needs of every age level, from Toddler Montessori through Elementary. It is supported by an extensive collection of materials, which were developed by Dr. Montessori to isolate and teach one concept or skill at a time, in the sequence she believed children could best master them. Lessons given simply and concretely in early years at the Curious Minds are reintroduced several times over succeeding years, with increasing degrees of abstraction and difficulty.

Because our students progress, in each subject at their own pace, it is not possible to divide the curriculum by grade. Ours is an integrated and thematic approach. Studies of the physical universe, the world of nature and the history of mankind are the catalyst for much of the learning that takes place from Toddler Montessori to Lower Elementary in such areas as math, language, literature, art, music, history, science, geography and foreign language. Through these studies, students are encouraged to pursue their particular interests, while acquiring the necessary skills to think clearly, to apply that thinking to practical use, to communicate skillfully and to work well with others.

To get a more detailed picture of the curriculum, please click on the subject links below to read the topics of instruction offered under each subject.

Cosmic Education Curriculum

Cultural Geography Curriculum

History Curriculum

Language Curriculum

Math I Curriculum

Math II Curriculum

Matter and Astronomy Curriculum

Physical Geography Curriculum

Practical Application of Science Curriculum

Science, Art & Music Curriculum

Zoology Curriculum