Beeta/ East Amherst,NY
I am amazed that 18 children can independently be working side by side and the room is still so quiet. My son has really enjoyed his year, and has learned so much. The environment is just beautiful, but most importantly, the teachers are so gentle, kind and nurturing.

Joe and Debbie T. from Williamsville,NY
The teachers at Curious Minds are warm and knowledgeable, demonstrating their passion each day in the classroom. Our daughter has grown intellectually because of them.

David and Elaine C., Williamsville,NY
The Curious Minds took great care with our daughter, Kate. We always felt she was safe in mind and body. Anu did a fantastic job communicating with parents, keeping us informed of events and changes at the school. The Curious Minds staff was extremely responsive to our individual family needs. Kate could not have been at a better school.”

Angela M. from Clarence,NY
Curious Minds is a wonderful Montessori school. The school is new, clean and bright with beautiful classrooms. The staff is exceptional and truly cares about each one of their students. The classrooms are calm, the children are happy and they have a focus of peace towards others. Their confidence and independence is built through the Montessori method of learning. It is great to see my children flourish in this environment!

Michelle V from Getzville,NY
The Curious Minds Montessori truly provides endless stimulation for my children to learn and grow both academically and socially. All the teachers are extremely passionate about the Montessori Philosophy and believe in nurturing each child to their fullest potential. I am so happy my children attend this school and highly recommend it to anyone who is considering Montessori for their child.

C&O, Clarence Center, NY
The general knowledge imparted on children is highly commendable. More than that, Curious Minds helped our daughter to learn to read quite early at age 3 1/2. Now she is having much more fun reading stories to herself and to her little sisters. It is safe to say that Curious Minds gives children a few extra years to enjoy written words!

Venugopal, B from Williamsville NY
A great school, my daughter loved it. School has a great curriculum and most importantly – very dedicated and qualified teachers. They pay attention to every child’s needs. I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone.

Traci Takacs, East Amherst, NY
Anna has a happy, independent disposition with a strong natural desire to express herself creatively. We felt that a traditional environment would limit her options. Montessori does not stifle, but directs her creativity using practical tools which give her artistic impulses purpose, weight and meaning. She needed an atmosphere where uniqueness is embraced, where she can be free to express herself in her work. We felt that a traditional “cookie cutter” preschool environment lacked the flexibility necessary for her to thrive. Montessori gives direction & purpose to her creativity through concrete expression of who she is in her work. There could be no better fit for our daughter than Montessori.

Grace M, from East Amherst
Curious Minds is an exceptional Montessori school. I love how this school nourishes their children to be strong, independent and peaceful thinkers. I love listening to my children tell me what they learned during the day and the “work” they are doing. I am always so amazed at the work 3 and 4 year old do, for instance they know all the continents, they can tell me if something is living or nonliving, my 4 year old can count past 100 and can add and subtract, and can identify certain species of birds. The children are encouraged to explore what they are interested in and then flourish from there!