Welcome to the Curious Minds Montessori in New York, an independent non-sectarian Montessori school serving children 18 months to 10 years of age.

At the Curious Minds, our purpose is to raise our students to be lifelong learners with carefully thought out goals. We understand the fact that the child must choose to learn and appreciate the seriousness of our responsibility to ignite that flame of interest. Montessori is founded on the fact that children are naturally curious. Our classrooms are comprehensive, prepared Montessori environments where your child is the active participant of building his/her knowledge versus merely repeating a teacher taught principle through memorization.

We hope that our website gives you an insight into the strength of our environments and intrigues you to reach out to us to learn more.

The Montessori journey is akin to a beautifully woven tapestry, which the children weave using the threads of discovery from the toddler environment to primary, and the primary environment to elementary. We find that our Montessori children begin their learning process through observation, move on to concrete learning of concepts by working with the materials, and then progress to abstract knowledge by internalizing and building on the same.

At the Curious Minds, as Montessorians, we understand that we are raising the citizens of tomorrow in partnership with you. We believe that academic success without the strength of character is hollow. Peace, kindness, compassion, respect, independence, perseverance and confidence, to mention a few, are all qualities that are instilled and interwoven in the very fabric of our daily life.

Please continue to navigate through our website and we trust that you will find how we can and will best support your child’s holistic development. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.